Origins and Ink

For those who have no idea what Madcap Vision is about, here is a rundown of how it all began!

  • It launched in 2008 when my main focus was concert and promotional photography for local bands as well as logo & graphic art for fliers. I decided I wanted a business name when work and projects started piling up on me.
  • The name Madcap Vision came from a play on my initials and the association to Syd Barret’s solo album “The Madcap Laughs.”
  • My undergraduate studies had me dabble with so many different media of art that I didn’t know what I was actually going to do for a career. I decided to do what made me happy, which was switch up my methods whenever I damn well pleased and showcase them online or in galleries while I continue my education in a more focused area of interest.

While I was lucky enough to have had the finances for a solid four years studying art, I give the most credit to music for lubricating my imagination enough to release whatever artistic inhibitions I had when it came to producing stuff. Music nearly parallels the importance of nourishing vitamins and minerals, and there have been several studies conducted to prove it. Music has kept me going for the past 25 years. When I was a kid, my dad taught me about the classics, my mom about country music. I actually picked up the violin for about a year and the guitar for another two years, but sadly I neglected the practice and forgot how to read music, though I still understand basic theory & fundamentals. In my teenage years, there were the tunes of major rock & roll, metal, alternative and prog rock bands that alleviated the shittiness of hormones and self-imposed alienation from the world.

When I was 17 I received my first Nikon D50 and started photographing my musician friends onstage. It was then that I relished almost too much capturing that moment when someone is lost in his element, strumming, drumming, singing, sweating, rocking out to the rhythm of sound mixed together in yet another unique fashion. The creation, practice, performance, and sheer enjoyment of a good song can really externalize someone’s soul, I’ve come to find. For me, my undying love and appreciation include the music of not only the big names, and not only the music of a particular genre or set of genres, and not only music! I draw an equally deep amount of inspiration from these areas as I do from the art and music of my friends, their bands, art shows, poetry readings, plays, impromptu jam sessions, and both general merriment and challenging experiences with them. I’m lucky enough to be acquainted with so many talented people, and my intention as I said in my first entry is to not only keep you up to date with my work but to talk about music, projects, collaborations, and other artists!

Today’s big plug is a band whose members I’ve known since high school, whose drummer I have the pseudo-sisterly curse/honor of living with. I remember the very day the original members congealed and brainstormed the name the group would thenceforth be known as: The Dread Crew of Oddwood. Today, they embark on their first international summer tour as they head as far north as Vancouver. The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a “pirate-themed band that blends Heavy Metal, Celtic Folk and Progressive Rock.” Their live performances revel in absurdity and endless amounts of antics, not thinking twice about who they might offend with their admittedly hilarious lyrics that will make you shake your head thinking “wow” or “too soon” or “why am I laughing? That’s disgusting” while smiling or chuckling. The bottom line is no one can dispute their talents as musicians. All of them have had several years of professional and classical training, and their practice is evident in each of their tracks.  I worked with them on their second album “Rocktopus,” writing some lyrics and photographing/designing the layout as well as covering their shows. Their most recent album, “Heavy Mahogany,” is their best yet and is highly recommended to those with an flexible sense of humor.

If you find yourself near their stops on tour, check them out and have a tankard of brew!

As for what’s going on with me and my art, I’m continuing to test the waters with new media. My most recent love affair is with India ink. Until August 15th, I am accepting requests for small ink paintings but in exchange for either a creation of your own, a donation, or a shout out to my page! Here’s the kind of stuff I’ve got going on so far!



Signing off now and leaving you with some words to think about and an incredible high-quality music video of one of my favorite songs by another one of my favorite bands out of Los Angeles, King Washington!


“[We] played the subway system here in LA last night. The cops tried to stop us at the Hollywood station, so we hopped on the trains and started entertaining single cars. At first we’d walk in and you could feel the nervous energy of the passengers. But once we started playing, faces started lighting up, and after every song it went from a dreary group of strangers (who rarely so much as look at each other) to a brotherhood of music lovers. You could really feel the change. Several people bought another ticket to keep hanging and listening. It was pretty cool.”
-George Krikes, vocalist/lead guitarist of KW





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