January Bleh

The new year has begun with a nasty cold and a cough that won’t quit. I’m sitting here sucking on Halls cough drops and I just realized that each wrapper has a little saying written on it.

“Nothing you can’t handle.”
“Conquer today.”
“Don’t wait to get started.”
“Put your game face on.”
“Push on!”

…thanks, Halls. I wouldn’t have considered any of those things without first examining your tiny beige wrappers.

The old year ended much nicer than I expected, yet it all happened very quickly. Since September, the days and weeks seemed to have melted together to form some formless flash of a time warp. A lot took place during said warp.

The highlight of October was most certainly the weekend of the first annual San Diego Comic Fest where I got to meet, assist, and hang out with the one and only Paul Krassner! The event as a whole took Comicon back to its roots, bringing together all comics and cartoon enthusiasts for book signings, panels, interviews, and mingling. No hoards of screaming teenage girls wetting themselves, no idiots busking around the outside crowds for cash, no big Hollywood casts of movies that have little or nothing to do with the art of comics… it was all so magical in its simplicity and sense of celebrated common interest. By the end of the day, I had met and conversed with a wide range of fascinating fellow human beings, all whose words somehow recharged my motivation kick the rest of the semester’s ass, of course particularly the words and encouragement of Paul and Nancy.

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast shortly after that weekend. Despite getting lost in the throes of final projects and papers, I felt a sense of heaviness in me. The people I know who would be affected by it turned out to be okay, but these kinds of natural disasters nonetheless remain on my consciousness for a while, especially the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster. I remember thinking how I should seriously keep any sincere whining to a minimum when the other side of the country was looking like this:

Once November came around, I started watching my step. November and I have had a tumultuous relationship for the past four straight years or so, due to the timing of heartbreaks and food poisoning, neither of which I’d wish on my worst enemy. Well, neither of those things happened this time, but I did have an unexpectedly violent hangover with a terrible subsequent panic attack over absolutely nothing on the last Monday night, so, Cecilia: 0, November: 4.

Then came the upswing in December. The minute my last class was dismissed, I packed my bags and headed north for the winter. By north, I mean Los Angeles from San Diego where I spent ten wonderful days with the people who make me the happiest in the world. Highlights included endless cozying by the fire watching dozens of movies, eating all kinds of delicious food, working on paintings, traversing to thrift shops, cruising through Candy Cane Lane, helping to host a backyard concert and barbecue, a rainy night on the town, and ringing in the new year with friends I can’t believe how lucky I am to have. This is what most days looked like:

I was so sure back in 2007 that we might actually see the end of the world in our lifetime, and I only slowly realized that the world ends every day somewhere, for someone, for even whole groups of people at a time. The dreaded day came and went without a hiccup it seemed, and I ended up having the most wonderful December of all.

It’s 2013; what will be different? Well, both my dad and I have started the year with debilitating colds, so it’s been difficult to give a shit about any resolutions, strict or otherwise. But! I am looking forward to the spring semester. I will be starting some part-time work on campus in two weeks, and soon into the groove of things I’ll be scrambling to figure out summer work and independent study plans. Regarding health, I should probably quit some vices and start taking vitamins more regularly. Cardio exercise just feels like a lost cause for me, but I can say I’ll try.

Onwards about art!

…I agree. Here’s some recent stuff I’ve done. I’m still playing with ink, although now I’m slowly tapping in to liquid acrylics which are more opaque and slightly more viscous, but still sexy:

I still have a few days left of winter break and will sure try to get some more done, but I’m also going to try to write more as well as spend time pouring over some books I’ve been meaning to read. The book queue at this point has no top and no bottom and now’s as good a time as any to get to it.


This is Reggie. He will cute you to death.

Cheers to a new year!


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