Photo by Flip Cassidy

Greetings! I am an artist who hails from Southern California. Born and brought to the beginning of my teenage years in the Imperial Valley, currently residing in San Diego but aiming to spend as much time as I can in the city of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley if I’m not roaming the roads and deserts scavenging for visual treasures. I’m a perpetual student of the arts and humanities. I paint, I take photographs, I write, I read, I indulge in the magnificence of music and traveling to unusual places.

I studied multimedia art during my undergraduate career, and I am now currently enrolled in the M.A. program at San Diego State to study English & American literature.

Because of my extensive and varied interests, I’ve learned to mix my methods for creative expression. As a result, the style of my work varies from one piece to the next. With my different projects that incorporate elements from each of these areas, I strive to help prove that musicians, writers, and visual artists all labor towards the same goals, which are essentially to externalize our internal cosmologies. I do what I do with hopes to be heard, to effectively show what it means for a person to dedicate him- or herself to imagining alternative realities while following the red thread of intuition and intelligence wherever it may lead, and that we as artists might do this by the teeth of legacies such as Ginsberg’s Moloch, the colossal capitalist machine that goes on grinding everything up.